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Recrea Orthodontics for Kids

Braces for perfectly aligned teeth, specifically for kids from 3 to 16
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We are committed to preventing and solving your child’s dental misalignments with non-invasive treatments, before more serious problems that may require surgery occur.


It is normal to be afraid of the dentist, especially for children. Precisely for this reason we dedicate specific services and treatments to your child to ensure that their dental treatment experience is pain-free.

Constant training

All the staff of the clinic is trained to take care of in the best possible way your child’s dental needs.

Does your child have problems with their teeth?

Such problems may have further reaching consequences than just those concerned with your child’s dental needs.

Suffering from teeth misalignments causes discomfort in children, not to speak of the psychological effects on teenagers, who may already be going through quite a “complicated” stage of their life.

If you think that the problem is mainly aesthetic, you should know that this is the smaller part of the problem.

It is important to take early action in order to avoid surgery which is a much more invasive solution.

Recrea paediatric Orthodontics for Kids

A personalised device to bring the teeth back into their correct position whilst respecting their normal time-related physiological wear. It solves misalignment problems that affect the aesthetics and functioning of the mouth.

Before suggesting a solution to you, we study carefully your child’s mouth and perform a diagnosis. Only in this way can we ensure that your child gets the best possible result.

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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry.

The main characteristic of the Recrea clinic is the interdisciplinary vision of the teeth, considered not only as the aesthetics of the smile, but as the health and well-being of the mouth in the context of the whole body.

In this way also other functional defects such as those connected to mastication, breathing and posture, are solved.

Why choose Recrea for Kids?

The prerogative of the Recrea clinic is Neuro-Occlusal Motor Reprogramming which is an original technique that provides for the restoration of the correct mobility of the mouth, as well as the alignment of the teeth.

  • Use of state-of-the-art safe equipment and techniques.
  • A traumatic and painless treatment for your child.

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How we welcome your child


Welcome check-up

During the first visit we will get to know each other and we will play together to create a relationship of trust and confidence with your child and eliminate any fear of the dentist that they may have. We will also ask you some questions related to the overall health of your child and his dental history.

Case Study

We conduct a thorough case study, taking photographs, imprints and x-rays in order to provide your child with the best orthodontic solution. This phase and the previous one may take place simultaneously.

Presentation of the treatment plan

This appointment lasts for the time necessary to discuss and agree on the best solution for you. This phase is without any time pressure because our patient’s peace of mind is our top priority

Fitting the Braces

This appointment lasts about one hour, and during this time we will fix the orthodontics devices.

Follow up plan

During the following examinations, which are planned according to the patient’s specific needs, we monitor the progress of the treatment.

Orthodontics for kids

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions of parents

I am worried that my child may feel pain…

There are many false myths about dentists that contribute to generate the fear of the treatments, especially in children. This may be true with some dental procedures, but not with orthodontics.

Your child will perceive, at most, a little discomfort during the installation of the braces and during the first days, a slight sensation that will fade as soon as the mouth and the mucous membranes adapt to the presence of the device.

In any case, before the session we will provide you and your child with all the necessary explanations to help you understand how the treatment is performed and we will answer all your questions.

Perhaps my child can wait for the braces

How long does it take to see the result?

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